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Stormy Beach
19 August 2009

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Ready to Rock
17 June 2007

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Bonsai Japan
1 December 2006

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Golden Electricity
24 November 2006

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Ojisousan Takaosan
22 November 2006

Recent Comments

Brian on ele
The detail of the wrinkles is amazing in bw. I love how you framed the shot too.

silent photos on Umbrella legs
nice capture

silent photos on Bamboo 03
perfect and amazing shot

silent photos on Bamboo 02
so nice

Sázky on Stormy Beach
nice shot,great image,bravo

katalog firm on Stormy Beach
great shot,exellent colours and details

Hisa on Stormy Beach
add 変更した?新しいのを教えてくださいね。

larry on Nagoya Festival 05
Intense! Nice job

raha on Fishing in the Mist
great shot

Theys on Metro Building
Great shot. Wonderful lighting !

Theys on Arcade
Superbe photo de très beau contraste !

Theys on Business Trip
Great compositon, very good !

Will on Mr Stormy Seal
Very interesting work you've done here, if you have the photo skills and the photoshop skills (which you obviously ...

Shahryar on Stormy Beach
interesting :)

LauraS on Stormy Days
Wow~ Interesting shot!

Seanóg on Mr Stormy Seal
haha. that's pretty damn awesome i have to say.

Elora on Mr Stormy Seal
wow nice piece of post processing!!!

Dimitrios on Mr Stormy Seal
photoshop or no this is BRILLIANT!

filipe franco on off duty
Yes, great work.

Laura on Footy in the City
wonderful shot. How did you manage it?

Annie Viguié on off duty
Wonderful !

raha on Street Streaks
wonderful ! congratulation

Jonas on off duty
A beautiful nostalgic mood captured here.

Damon Schreiber on Umbrella legs

Mariana on Umbrella legs
Excellent composition . Fantastic framing !

Laura on Umbrella legs
wonderful shot, and very original

"Marie" :-) on Umbrella legs
Brilliant, both have big handbags, frilly skirts, sensible walking shoes and there umbrella, they are off for a serious ...

observing on flower propeller
Simply amazing.......!!!

Ana Lúcia on flower propeller
Great image nice B&W conversion. You have done some very nice work with B&W.

"Marie" :-) on flower propeller
This is a great photo in Blace and White. Great work.

"Marie" :-) on horny
Darren I just love your animal photos, incredible. 5 stars from me.

Paula on ele
Nice shot !

Colors Inc on polar love
nice one!

"Marie" :-) on ele
Hi Derren, the detail in this elephant is remarkable, just remarkable. Great capture.

B. Thomas on polar love
Perfect Earth Day photo. Beautiful.

"Marie" :-) on polar love
Exquisite photo, you have captured something special here. The detail is brilliant. 5 stars from me.

Damon Schreiber on off duty
Gorgeous scene!

DarkElf on off duty
great b&w shot full of loneliness and nostalgic feel!

Heather on off duty
I like this. It has a nice soothing feel!

zecarlos on off duty
fantastic B&W shot.

Drey on off duty
Great shot!

Didier DE ZAN on off duty
Very beautiful photograph

Annie Viguié on Nagoya Festival 03
Wonderful !

Stefan on off duty
Wonderful B+W image!

shroom on The L Tower
Nice shot - soothing lines.

Laura on The L Tower
Great structure and nice angle to highlight the unusual lines in the building. A nice variation of a more familiar ...

WABIKOJA on The L Tower
A fascinating, and very nicely captured lines.

Gonzata on Metro Gov Building
Very nice shot !!!!!!!!

Hoshisato on Metro Gov Building
Very nicely composed; I was around this building myself years ago and had no idea from what angle to take this behemoth ...

WABIKOJA on Metro Gov Building
A fascinating, and very nicely captured, photograph.

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